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‘BLM In Our Schools – A Radical, Racist, Overtly Marxist Agenda’ Supported By PA Gov. Tom Wolf

BLM In Our Schools – A Radical, Racist, Overtly Marxist Agenda

Why does the media give Tom Wolf a pass? Why isn’t Tom Wolf ever questioned about his advocacy for BLM? What does Tom have to say about a BLM leader threatening more BLM riots? When has Tom ever been asked to condemn BLM threatening to put police in ‘f***ing graves’? While carrying his BLM sign, Tom lead a BLM protest march against law enforcement.While never leading a White Supremacy march, President Donald Trump was repeatedly asked to condemn White Supremacy and did so at least ‘38 times‘.

BLM leader Hawk Newsome threatens ‘riots’ after sit-down …

BLM leader threatens to ‘burn the White House down’ and put police ‘f***king graves’

BLM activist Tom Wolf leads protest march against law enforcement violating his lockdown orders.