‘We could have some trouble brewing’: ‘Kenosha braces for Rittenhouse verdict’

Kyle Rittenhouse shooting a clear case of self-defense: Devine

FLASHBACK: Joe Biden suggested that Kyle Rittenhouse was part of a ‘white supremacist’ militia

The campaign to condemn Kyle Rittenhouse in the court of public opinion

‘We could have some trouble brewing’: How understaffed police forces across America are bracing for Rittenhouse acquittal: Chicago cancels weekend days off as Portland, LAPD and Washington DC all monitor trial

Kenosha braces for Rittenhouse verdict: City boards up and 500 National Guard troops wait on standby as divisive murder case goes to the jury TODAY 

JD Vance: Defend Kyle Rittenhouse, Who Defended His Community When No One Else Would

‘Joe did it for votes’: Kyle Rittenhouse’s mom accuses Biden of defaming her son by calling him a white supremacist

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Under your black robes of justice you wear a white robe of the Klan.’ DailyMail reveals vile emails sent to judge in Kyle Rittenhouse case including threats to ‘spit directly into his face’ and ‘payback’ against his children

‘What tears? Knock it off’: LeBron James mocks Kyle Rittenhouse’s courtroom breakdown

Hollywood sneers at Kyle Rittenhouse

Want to prevent future cases like Kyle Rittenhouse’s? Stop tolerating riots

Kyle Rittenhouse attorney releases video in self-defense claim


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