You Don’t Know Joe? Who You Gonna Call?: Seattle Boy Watches Dad Die of Heart Attack After Firefighters Refused To Enter Apartment Without Police Escort

Biden called overcrowded hospital to help friend’s wife get fast treatment

Oct 8, 2021 – President Biden bragged that he personally called a Pennsylvania hospital emergency room to know “what the situation was” after a friend’s wife failed to receive immediate care because the …

BLM activist PA Gov. Tom Wolf

In July, it was revealed that the department had already lost at least 280 officers since the start of 2020 due to what they called an ‘anti-police climate’ in the city amid Black Lives Matter protests and calls to defund the police.

Seattle Police Officers Guild President Mike Solan said in October the vaccine mandate could worsen the understaffing.

Seattle boy, 13, watches dad die of heart attack while waiting 20 MINUTES for help to arrive after firefighters refused to enter apartment without police in city short of cops because of woke mayor’s vaccine mandate and defund police

  •  An unidentified Seattle boy called 911 twice after his father began having trouble breathing earlier this month
  • Firefighters were first to arrive, but were reluctant to enter without a police escort because a note on file indicated the occupant was combative 
  • They later learned the file was outdated and the unit was lived in by new tenants 
  • Firefighters ultimately entered the apartment without an escort. Police and medics arrived more than 20 minutes after the initial call for help
  • The Seattle Police Department is facing staff shortages not seen since the 1980s
  • A medic said the patient likely could have been saved it treated sooner 

By Michelle Thompson For Dailymail.Com

Published: 16:24 EST, 14 November 2021 | Updated: 01:05 EST, 15 November 2021

A 13-year-old Seattle boy watched his father who was suffering from cardiac arrest die while waiting more than 20 minutes for help to arrive – in a tragedy that critics say was caused by a shortage of cops and medical personnel staff resulting from the woke mayor’s vaccine mandates and defund the police movement. 

The unidentified boy called 911 earlier this month when his 45-year-old father began struggling to breath in the city’s Crown Hill neighborhood.

Firefighters arrived at the scene within 15 minutes, but an outdated note on file mistakenly indicated that the apartment occupant was aggressive, slowing their response as they waited on a police escort.


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