Maybe Reduce That To A Written Reprimand: Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability Recommends Officer Murdered on Duty in August 2020 Be Given Three Day Suspension For 2019 Incident

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Total Shot: 4075
Total Homicides: 757

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‘Tone deaf’ Chicago police watchdog recommends suspending hero cop Ella French, 29, for three days over ‘wrong house raid’ even though she was KILLED in line of duty during traffic stop in August

  • Civilian Office of Police Accountability’s review of the 2019 botched police raid on the wrong home said half the officers involved should face consequences
  • They include Officer Ella French who was shot dead in August of this year
  • Report fails to mention death, recommends French be suspended for three days 
  • Victim of the wrong house raid in February 2019, Anjanette Young, later said  Officer French was the only officer to ‘show her dignity or respect’ during raid
  • Report found fault with French’s actions during the 2019 raid having failed to activate her body-cam and document detention and search of a man and his car

By James Gordon For and Wires

Published: 22:26 EST, 14 November 2021 | Updated: 07:16 EST, 15 November 2021

A Chicago police review agency that recommended eight officers involved in the botched 2019 raid of a social worker be suspended or fired is being harshly criticized for including the name of Officer Ella French, who was later shot dead during an August traffic stop.

The raid on Anjanette Young saw officers swoop in on her home only to later find they had busted the wrong address. 

Upon hearing of her death just over 16 months later, Young praised French’s conduct saying she was the only person who ‘treated her with dignity’. 

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, members of the City Council, the president of the city’s police officers’ union and a brother of the slain officer all decried what Lightfoot called the ‘height of tone-deafness’ to recommend that Officer French be suspended for three days. 

A spokesman for the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) explained that while the report on the raid of the home of Young was made public this week, it was completed in late April – months before French was killed. He said that a city ordinance prohibits the agency from redacting the information regarding French.


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