No One Saw This Coming: Portland Refunds The Police ‘city leaders to consider hiring back retired cops.’

A BLM activist protests against the police in Harrisburg, PA.

Portland’s grim reality: 100 days of protests, many violent

Portland Police Stand Down As Rioters Cause Over $500K In …

After 105 days of riots, Portland mayor orders police to STOP using tear gas…

Not one arrest made in Portland riots a week after …

Armed private security fills police void in downtown …

‘A dangerous time’: Portland, Oregon, sees record homicides

Portland REFUNDS the police: Department gets an extra $5.2M as city faces greatest cop shortage in decades and record number of homicides after slashing $15M from the budget over Defund the Police movement

  • City Council voted Wednesday to add back $5.2M of the $15M it cut last year
  • The ‘defund the police’ budget slash got rid of school and transit officers 
  • Portland broke 66 homicides this year, the highest number since 1987 
  • City officials are considering bringing back retired cops amid a staff shortage
  • Other cities, like LA and NYC, are also adding money back into police coffers
Portland saw heavy protests last year. Above, a pedestrian walks past a boarded-up Apple Store that was covered in Black Lives Matter street art in downtown Portland in July 2020

By Adam Manno For Dailymail.Com and Associated Press

Published: 16:42 EST, 17 November 2021 | Updated: 07:17 EST, 19 November 2021

Portland has become the latest city to refund its police department after calls to ‘defund the police’ during last year’s Black Lives Matter protests led some municipalities to decimate their safety budgets.

Portland City Council unanimously passed a fall budget bump Wednesday that added back $5.2 million of the $15 million it cut from police last year. 

It comes as the city deals with murder rates not seen since the 1980s and a staffing shortage that has led city leaders to consider hiring back retired cops.


Portland Police Exempt from City’s Vaccination Order …

Portland Police Exempt from City’s Vaccination Order … because so many police officers are “deeply opposed to vaccine mandates,” a vaccination mandate from the city could prompt a mass …

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