Philly DA dropped armed car jacking charges against black suspect who shot dead Temple University student in daylight armed robbery bringing Philadelphia to a new record of 506 homicides

Mar. 19, 2020: Philadelphia’s progressive DA has declared war — on cops …

Temple University student, 21, is shot dead in daylight armed robbery as he unloaded car outside Philly apartment after visiting his parents for Thanksgiving 

By Christina Coulter For Dailymail.Com – November 29th 2021, 7:33:54 pm

Temple University senior Samuel Collington, 21, was shot dead on Sunday. bringing Philadelphia to a record 506 killings this year as DA Larry Krasner is called out by city police.

The cops did their job. But then it was the duty of the D.A.’s office under Larry Krasner to prosecute the case. What happened next helps explain why Philadelphia today has already set an all-time record of 510 murders, with a whole month left to go in 2021.

In Philadelphia, besides our 510 official homicides so far this year, we also have 172 dead bodies whom the cops have tagged as “suspicious” deaths, which the cops call “S jobs.”

Samuel Collington

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Krasner Strikes Again! Suspect In Murder Of Temple Student Walked After D.A. Dropped Armed Carjacking Charges Against Him

The suspect in the murder of a 21 year-old Temple University student was arrested on Aug. 14th and charged with eight crimes in connection with an armed carjacking, including aggravated assault, robbery, conspiracy and possession of an unlicensed gun.


On Sept. 30th, only the second listing for the preliminary hearing in the case, Judge Martin Coleman granted the D.A.’s motion to withdraw all eight charges against Williams, and he was a free man.


For a teenager, Williams has quite a rap sheet, as well as amazing record of success when being prosecuted by the D.A.’s office under that noted criminal justice reformer, Larry Krasner.

Williams’s first arrest dates back to November 2017, the month he turned 13, for robbing a college student on the Temple campus of a cell phone, in addition to assaulting her.


Less than two months later, on Sunday Nov. 28th, Williams, according to the police, attempted to pull another carjacking on Samuel Collington, as he was unloading his mother’s SUV on the 2200 block of North Park Avenue in North Philadelphia. 

According to the cops, Williams shot Collington, who fought back, twice in the chest; the victim died about a half-hour later.

There are so many more that I’ve listed in detail, along with other atrocities committed by the D.A., on a separate webpage on that’s dubbed “Toxic Justice.” Take a look if you have the stomach for it.
In a city’s that’s been diehard Democratic since 1952, you have to wonder what the tipping point is, when it comes to dead bodies.
Is it 500? 600? 1,000?
In New York City, which has more than five times the population of Philadelphia, as of Nov. 28th, had only 433 murders. 
In Philadelphia, besides our 510 official homicides so far this year, we also have 172 dead bodies whom the cops have tagged as “suspicious” deaths, which the cops call “S jobs.”
That’s a total of 682 dead bodies so far this year, with another month to go.
 How many dead bodies will it take before the voters of this city realize that the Larry Krasner social experiment isn’t working, and that the cost in terms of flesh and blood, is just too high?

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