Fourteen ‘people’ arrested for smash-and grab robberies already released. Whose committing all these smash-and-grab robberies? People… just people… and suspects.

San Francisco police won’t release mugshots, citing racism …

Jul 1, 2020 San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said the policy, which goes into effect immediately, means the department will no longer release booking photos of suspects to the media or allow officers to …

Biden unveils proposal to eliminate cash bail

Fourteen arrested over spate of Los Angeles smash-and-grab raids

Fri, December 3, 2021 – Fourteen people have been arrested over a series of smash-and-grab robberies at retail outlets in Los Angeles in recent weeks, police say.

LA police chief sounds off, says smash-and-grab robbery suspects set free thanks to left’s bail policy

9 suspects charged in San Fransisco smash-and-grab robberies

Nov 24, 2021 9 suspects charged in $1M smash-and-grab robberies in San Francisco…

Kevin Nishita shot dead while protecting Kron-TV crew covering smash-and-grab theft in California city

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki asserted Thursday that the COVID-19 pandemic was “a root cause” of the crimes.

Looters raid San Jose jewelry store as California smash-and-grab wave continues

By Jesse O’Neill December 2, 2021

A gang of masked goons smashed up and robbed a San Jose jewelry store Thursday afternoon, the latest smash-and-grab raid to hit a business in California.

Four suspects entered the Quick Service Jewelry Design in the Eastridge Mall and used hammers to bash display cases before fleeing with jewels, according to police.


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