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Iconic Charlottesville’s Confederate General Robert E. Lee statue will be given to the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center to be melted down and the bronze will be remolded it ‘into a new piece of public art that ‘expresses the city’s values of inclusivity and racial justice.”

BLM Activist Tom Wolf

“People separated from their history are easily persuaded.” –Karl Marx

179 Monuments Ruined Since Protests Began, And Counting

A Guide to Monuments Toppled By the Black Lives Matter …

The [Jefferson School African American Heritage Center], whose stated mission is to honor and preserve the rich heritage and legacy of the African-American community of the Charlottesville-Albemarle region

Charlottesville’s City Council votes to give General Lee statue to the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center – which plans to melt down memorial to Confederate …

George Washington statue in Portland toppled, set on fire

Thomas Jefferson statue leaves City Hall after 187 years

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Damn Good Thing Philly Doesn’t Have A Crime Crisis: With Year Not Over Philadelphia Sets All-time Record For Homicides in 2021 And The Left-wing Radical Cop-hating Democrat District Attorney Responds “We don’t have a crisis of lawlessness, we don’t have a crisis of crime, we don’t have a crisis of violence.”

Voltaire — ‘Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.’

500 Homicides Later, the Deadliest Year in Philadelphia’s History

Tourist shot: Stray bullet hits man … – 6abc Philadelphia

Man Shot, Killed Near Popular Tourist Spot In Philadelphia …

Off-Duty Officer Shot 8 Times During Altercation in North Philadelphia

15-Year-Old Girl Shot When Gunmen Fire At Least 40 Shots At Vehicle In South Philadelphia, Police Say

Pregnant Philadelphia woman shot dead while unloading baby shower gifts from her car

Temple University Student Fatally Shot in Broad Daylight as Philadelphia Breaks Homicide Record

Philadelphia teen shot 18 times at bus stop amid city’s all-time homicide record

DA Larry Krasner Says Tourists Shouldn’t Fear Coming To Philadelphia For Holidays…

Philadelphia’s former Democratic mayor slams Soros-funded DA for refusing to call murder surge a ‘crisis’

Prosecutors dismiss looting, rioting charges against across U.S.

DA Larry Krasner announces charges against Philadelphia police officer…

Philly gun arrests are on a record pace, but convictions drop under DA Krazner

Philadelphia’s progressive DA has declared war — on cops …

Philadelphia ‘not safe’ with DA Krasner in office: Police union president

John McNesby is calling on officers and their families to switch parties to oust the liberal DA

‘No one here in South Africa is known to have been hospitalised with the Omicron variant, nor is anyone here believed to have fallen seriously ill with it.’ Dr Angelique Coetzee, South African doctor who discovered first Omicron variant patient

Biden will lay down new travel restrictions as Omicron …

In South Africa, we’ve retained a sense of perspective. We’ve had no new regulations or talk of lockdowns because we’re waiting to see what the variant actually means.

I’ve seen nothing in this variant that warrants Britain’s extreme response to it: Dr ANGELIQUE COETZEE, the doctor who alerted the world to the Omicron Covid variant, says we are over-reacting to the threat

By Dr Angelique Coetzee For The Daily Mail

Published: 19:42 EST, 29 November 2021 | Updated: 20:10 EST, 29 November 2021

As chair of the South African Medical Association and a GP of 33 years’ standing, I have seen a lot over my medical career.

But nothing has prepared me for the extraordinary global reaction that met my announcement this week that I had seen a young man in my surgery who had a case of Covid that turned out to be the Omicron variant.

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“You gotta be kidding me.”: White House warns art world rife with money laundering

When a Post reporter asked Biden in October if he was concerned about potential corruption resulting from the sale of his son’s artwork, the president looked the reporter in the eyes and said: “You gotta be kidding me.”

WH flags art market as money laundering haven amid Hunter Biden shows

By Callie Patteson December 6, 2021

The Biden administration raised some eyebrows Monday after it described the art and antiquities market as a hotbed of shady financial dealings — weeks after first son Hunter Biden’s work went on display in a Soho gallery.

The warning from the White House was part of its “Strategy on Countering Corruption,” which the administration described as “a comprehensive roadmap for how the United States will amplify its efforts domestically and internationally, with governmental and non-governmental partners, to prevent, limit, and respond to corruption and related crimes.”


Hunter Biden’s abstract art to sell for $500K to anonymous …

While Over 2,000,000 Illegal Aliens Will Enter The United States of America in 2021 The U.S.A. Won’t Rule Out Sending Troops to Defend Ukraine’s Border

Vladimir Putin ‘drawing up battle plans to invade Ukraine in new year’, US warns

The Mirror|2 days ago Analysts say satellite images of Russia’s border with Ukraine show a build up of 175,000 troops, tanks and artillery. American intelligence officials warn the amassing of forces indicates a looming invasion,

US won’t rule out troops to Ukraine as pics show Russian …

Biden supporters from around the world decide to take Biden up on his invitation to come live in the U.S.A. if they don’t like their country.

Here’s candidate Biden promising all benefits accorded to citizens, and amnesty to all the illegal aliens sneaking across the border.

Poll: 71% in Pennsylvania Favor Troops on Border

2 million illegal immigrants will enter the US in 2021 …

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