While Over 2,000,000 Illegal Aliens Will Enter The United States of America in 2021 The U.S.A. Won’t Rule Out Sending Troops to Defend Ukraine’s Border

Vladimir Putin ‘drawing up battle plans to invade Ukraine in new year’, US warns

The Mirror|2 days ago Analysts say satellite images of Russia’s border with Ukraine show a build up of 175,000 troops, tanks and artillery. American intelligence officials warn the amassing of forces indicates a looming invasion,

US won’t rule out troops to Ukraine as pics show Russian …

Biden supporters from around the world decide to take Biden up on his invitation to come live in the U.S.A. if they don’t like their country.

Here’s candidate Biden promising all benefits accorded to citizens, and amnesty to all the illegal aliens sneaking across the border.

Poll: 71% in Pennsylvania Favor Troops on Border

2 million illegal immigrants will enter the US in 2021 …

2 million illegal immigrants will enter the US in 2021 ‘thanks to the Biden admin’: Sen. Kennedy ‘America has become one giant sanctuary city,’ says Kennedy

Biden’s DHS Expects Over 2M Illegal Aliens at U.S. Border …

Biden helps secure Tajikistan’s border amid US border crisis

The United States is helping Tajikistan secure a portion of its border with Afghanistan to help combat security threats in the region, despite the ongoing crisis at the U.S. border.

Biden is using the military to ship illegal aliens across America

Illegal aliens from 106 nations crossed border at Del Rio …

Analysis by World Tribune Staff, December 1, 2021. Team Biden’s open border policies are enticing migrants from around the globe to illegally enter the United States. Hundreds of migrants in …

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