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Biden’s New US Attorney for Massachusetts Called Cops ‘murderers’ Said ‘cops ‘shoot us in the street as if we were animals’.’ Confirmed in Party-Line Vote With VP Harris Casting Tie-Breaking Vote

You don’t support law enforcement when you nominate people like Rollins to be a U.S. attorney. And you don’t vote to confirm people like Rollins if you support law enforcement.

Biden’s nominee for US attorney ‘is part of a movement of ‘progressive prosecutors’ who seek to eliminate racial disparities in the justice system and reject a traditional ‘tough on crime’ culture that they say has led to the disproportionate incarceration of black men.

Black Crime: Facing Down the Elephant in the Room

Rollins campaigned on a promise to decline prosecution for some low-level crimes and had been vocal in demanding police reform even before the nationwide protests prompted by the May 2020 murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.

Biden’s nominee Rachael Rollins with fellow left-wing radical Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Theft, road rage and racism: How Biden’s new US Attorney for Massachusetts – who was filmed threatening reporters – was charged with handling stolen property, called cops ‘murderers’ and told colleague to shut up because he was ‘white man’

  • Rachael Rollins was confirmed as US attorney for Massachusetts on Wednesday
  • She made history as the first black woman to hold the powerful role, and was cheered by progressives
  • But it has drawn new scrutiny to a variety of controversial incidents from her history
  • In January she berated a news crew who confronted her over an alleged road rage incident
  • Motorist claimed she impersonated police officer using blue flashing lights and threatening to issue ticket 
  • At age 19, she was charged with receiving stolen property, a misdemeanor which was dismissed 
  • Rollins also has a history of making statements invoking race in her public remarks 
  • Last year she told fellow DAs she didn’t want ‘white men telling me what communities of color need’
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