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Border Czar Redecorates Office ‘Meanwhile… the RGV sector has seen 112,147 migrant apprehensions since 10/1, a 163% increase over last year.’ Human smuggler attempting to evade police crashes into Texas mother and daughter killing them

Texas mother, daughter killed as human smuggler crashes into them while evading law enforcement…

Psaki says Harris is border czar after Guatemalan leader claims no contact

1 day ago White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that Vice President Kamala Harris is still the Biden administration’s border czar after the Guatemalan president claimed that he hasn’t spoken …

Billionaire George Soros poured $3million ‘into BLM activists pushing to defund the police’

May 11, 2020 – Gov. Tom Wolf attacked local elected officials making plans to reopen in defiance of his shutdown orders as cowards deserting the pandemic battlefield, threatening Monday to block aid to rebellious Pennsylvania counties in an escalating political fight over his administration’s handling of the coronavirus.

U.S. Rep. Fred Keller (R-12) tweeted… “Gov. Wolf said hardworking Pennsylvanians protesting for their right to earn a living were ‘cowardly.’ He threatened to withhold taxpayer funds from those who didn’t social distance. Today, he’s literally walking arm-in-arm with protesters. His hypocrisy knows no end.”

“That was inconsistent, I acknowledge that, ” Wolf said

Dauphin County is in the yellow phase of Wolf’s pandemic reopening plan, which restricts gatherings to 25 or fewer people.

Wolf said he hasn’t decided whether he will be tested for coronavirus but is trying to be extra cautious.

June 5, 2020 – Gov. Tom Wolf says he took a “real gamble” marching this week with people protesting…, but thinks the cause was worth the risk during the COVID-19…

[Community Resource Hub] states that it houses and staffs the group Defund The Police, which describes itself as ‘a one-stop shop information source for campaign to defund police,’ Fox News reported. 

REVEALED: George Soros has plowed $3M of ‘dark money’ into BLM activists pushing to defund the police

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