BLM Promoted ‘smash and grab White capitalism’ During Christmas Shopping Days in Beverly Hills ‘organizers urge people to shop at only black businesses during the holidays.’

Terrified Beverly Hills residents are flocking to buy guns from city’s only firearms store as LA crime soars thanks to woke DA’s policies – with latest home invasion seeing dad forced to watch as his disabled son was ZIP-TIED by burglars 

Beverly Hills Guns has seen some upscale residents from Santa Monica to the Hollywood Hills increasingly buying guns as violent crime rates are up 25 percent over last year. Some have also discussed more elaborate security measures, such as armored cars, safe rooms and bulletproof glass, as the homicide rate doubled and shootings are up 54.2 percent over last year, with a man taking out his garbage on Thursday attacked by four or five suspects as his disabled son was zip-tied as they ransacked his home.

BLM advocate Tom Wolf carries his homemade sign while leading a protest march against law enforcement in Harrisburg, PA violating his 2020 China Flu lockdown edicts with hundreds of protestors.

The gathering was dubbed the “Smash White Capitalism and Grab Justice” protest, with BLM LA stating on their Instagram page: “It’s a different kind of ‘smash and grab!'”

“SMASH white capitalism; GRAB justice! Meet us in Beverly Hills for sign-making, justice carolling, dancing, and beloved community. Bring your family, friends, comrades, singing voices, dancing/marching shoes, Santa hats, revolutionary holiday spirit, and freedom dreams,” the post stated.

The protest came as part of BLM’s “Black Xmas” celebration, where organizers urge people to shop at only black businesses during the holidays.

“We know white capitalism utilizes police violence to steal the lives of our people so that they can make a profit. So every year we celebrate Black Xmas to disrupt white supremacist patriarchal heteronormative capitalism,” Abdullah said.

BLM group promotes ‘smash and grab’ event, terrorizes Xmas shoppers in Beverly Hills

The protest reportedly shut down the area for around two hours on one of the last shopping days before Christmas.

On Thursday evening, the Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter held a “Smash and Grab” protest on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive, a shopping area full of luxury stores.


Beverly Hills police ramping up patrols amid smash-and robberies

‘Smash And Grab’: Demonstration Shuts Rodeo Drive For 2 Hours

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