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Off-duty LA Cop Shot Dead During Gunfight With Robbers

‘Hero’ off-duty LA cop, 27, is shot dead in front of his girlfriend during gunfight with robbers as the couple were house hunting in the city’s south side 

The officer, who was identified yesterday as 27-year-old Fernando Arroyos, was found by LA County sheriff’s deputies in an alley after they responded to a call on the shooting at 9:15pm.

Sheriff blames ‘defund the police’ movement as murders soar nearly 200% in Los Angeles County

New Los Angeles DA Will Implement Radical Progressive Agenda

Dec. 9, 2020

New Los Angeles DA Snubs Staff, Meets With BLM, Will Implement Radical Progressive Agenda. The worst fears about the new district attorney in Los Angeles County, George Gascón, are already …

Inflation hits 40 YEAR high grocery store shelves go bare 

Inflation hits 40 YEAR high as prices jump by 7% in a year – after Biden insisted surging cost of living was just ‘a bump in the road’: America draws comparisons with Soviet Union as grocery store shelves go bare 


Instead of mean Tweets we have #BareShelvesBiden

Joe Biden lies again, claims he was arrested during civil rights movement

Joe Biden calls Kamala ‘President Harris’ AGAIN in yet another slip of the tongue during voting rights speech 

‘[One right] that has universally distinguished citizens from noncitizens is the right to vote. Unfortunately, we can now add that distinction to history’s trash heap thanks to the far left’s war on the nation’s culture and legal systems.’ 

Gavin Newsom Proposes Health Coverage for All Illegal Immigrants in California by 2024

It’s now obvious that Biden doesn’t even want to stop the ever-growing border surge

Most are not fleeing violence. Rather, reports Dave Seminara, they are “seeking higher-paying jobs and more generous welfare benefits and … think we’ll let them stay now that Sheriff Joe Biden is in charge.”

Illegal aliens who walked across our open border maybe eligible to vote in NYC elections 30 days later.

Another front opened by the left was the goal of erasing the language that separates legal from illegal immigrants. Even though it remains an accurate description under the law, calling people “illegal” has been deemed an insult against their humanity.

That earlier argument now seems quaint compared to the “open border” movement happening before our eyes as the Biden administration refuses to enforce immigration laws. 

Anyone-can-vote madness hits NYC, serving up yet another far-left victory: Goodwin

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