If you do not support Biden’s and the Democrat’s federalizing elections: You Are Racist

Biden approval rating in Quinnipiac poll drops again — to 33 percent

With the border secure, China Flu and inflation under control, the Democrat party moves to federalize elections.

Biden says those who oppose Democrat voting rights bill are on the side of Jefferson Davis

Biden, in an unusually vitriolic speech by a president who casts himself as uniting the nation and healing its wounds, suggested Republicans who oppose Democrat-backed election changes stood in opposition to democracy itself.

Biden Wants Elections Takeover Because 2022 Looks Bad For His Party

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Use January 6 to Demand Federal Takeover of Elections

Four Pinocchios: WaPo Fact-Checker Blows Up Lies About Georgia’s Voting Law

Mar 31, 2021 The Washington Post’s fact-checker reviewed Biden’s demagogic and false comments on this subject and awarded him “Four Pinocchios” for his rhetoric…

What percentage of Americans even know who Jefferson Davis was?

Video: College students don’t know who won Civil War ⋆ …

Schumer: Senate to vote on filibuster change on voting bill

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