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Criminals Have Never Had Better Advocates In The White House Than The Harris/Biden Team

Biden: Soft on Criminals, Hard on the Police

While running for president, Biden championed a plan to end cash bail across the United States while Harris propped up jailbreak organizations that had been helping free convicted domestic abusers.

Biden pledge to end cash bail unchanged amid violent crime …

Biden releases ‘gender equity’ plan that calls for eliminating cash bail

Biden releases ‘gender equity’ plan that calls for eliminating cash bail Calls to end cash bail come at a time when FBI data show an unprecedented rise in violent crime

Leaked Biden Plan Would House Violent Men In Women’s Prison Cells

Bail fund backed by Kamala Harris freed man charged with murder…

Black Lives Matter bail fund supported by Kamala Harris …

Exclusive–Mother of Dylan McGinnis, 24-Year-Old Murdered by Bailed Out Accused Felon: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Should Put Themselves in My Shoes

The mother of 24-year-old Dylan McGinnis, who was allegedly murdered by an accused felon that had been bailed out of jail by the left-wing “Bail Project” organization, says President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris ought to put themselves in the shoes of crime victims.

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“I blame what’s endemic in our society right now, is that everybody seems to be oriented on giving back rights and bestowing favour on people that rob others of their rights,” Mr Todd Kupfer Father of Brianna Kupfer who was brutally stabbed to death while at work in LA, California

George Floyd had ‘violent criminal history’: Minneapolis …

Biden visits George Floyd family; Trump meets with police …

WASHINGTON —. As Joe Biden stood with the family of George Floyd on Monday in demanding police accountability, President Trump made clear where he stands, meeting with law enforcement officers …

With his poll numbers cratering, Biden has a plan to target police officers across America

This order, so-called “police reform” is scheduled to be released by February, just in time to coincide with Black History Month.

“I still hope to sign into law a comprehensive and meaningful police reform bill that honors the name and memory of … George Floyd [a career criminal and drug addict], because we need legislation to ensure lasting and meaningful  change,” Biden said last September

UCLA stabbing’s suspect Shawn Laval Smith is ‘dangerous career criminal’ out on BAIL at the time of Brianna Kupfer’s slaying

Brianna Kupfer’s father speaks after fatal stabbing at Los Angeles Croft House store

The father of a young woman knifed to death in a frenzied attack while working at a luxury furniture store has spoken about his daughter’s horrific death.

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