UK to end ‘all Covid-19 protocols’ In the US Biden goes big on China Flu calls on employers to mandate vaccines despite SCOTUS ruling, says ‘It’s a patriotic responsibility for Gods sake’ to wear a mask… promises ‘free’ vaccines, masks, tests… multiple times to ‘shut down the virus’

Britain ends all Covid-19 protocols – no mandates for masks, WFH, social distancing, Covid Passport etc.

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has announced the end of COVID-19 measures which were earlier introduced to control the rapid…

Face masks no longer required in classrooms – BBC News

New Study Finds COVID Masks Harm Children’s Physical & Mental Health

AMA Journal: Masks Are Bad For Kids. Quit Forcing Them To Mask Up

Outdoor transmission accounts for 0.1% of State’s Covid-19 cases

Joe Biden tells parents to make their children wear masks …

Joe Biden… said that children should wear face masks as soon as they leave the house – even when outside.

Biden admin tells state to mask up kids or forfeit Covid relief

Biden calls on employers to mandate vaccines despite Supreme Court ruling

Biden pledges free Covid vaccine for ‘everyone’ in US if …

Biden goes big on COVID-19, promises 1 billion free tests, free masks, military at hospi…

‘It’s a patriotic responsibility for God’s sake’: Biden …

Biden Lectures Americans About Their ‘Patriotic Duty’

12+ Times Biden Promised He Had a Plan to ‘Shut Down the …

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