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‘Majorities of Americans consider [Biden’s] time in office to be a failure…, and believe he is a divisive force in the nation.’

Biden Claims America is Racist, It’s ‘A White Man’s Problem’

Joe Biden: Cops don’t pull over white girls

Joe Biden: Cops don’t pull over white girls. Yes, you read that headline correctly. In just a single statement, 2020 hopeful Joe Biden just called every single police officer in America a racist.

Biden tells African-American audience GOP ticket would put them “back in chains”

White supremacy ‘most lethal’ threat to America, Biden says

Biden says Trump is first racist U.S. president

Watch-Biden: DACA Illegal Aliens ‘Are More American than Most Americans’

Majority says US more divided since President Joe Biden took office, poll shows

February 25, 2022

NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National Poll: The Biden Administration Heading into the State of the Union Address, February 2022

Americans Perceive Biden’s First Year in Office to Be a Failure… Want Biden’s Administration to Focus on Inflation Amid Persistent Financial Concerns

President Joe Biden will deliver his first State of the Union address on Tuesday to a nation whose focus has shifted away from the COVID-19 pandemic and who is sending a message that they want Biden to focus on other issues, especially inflation. Americans’ concerns about their own personal finances and the overall direction of the country provide a stark backdrop for Biden who will face the nation with dismal reviews of his first year in office and his lowest job approval rating.


In Case of A Nuclear Attack Joe Biden’s Administration Instructs Americans To ‘Continue to practice social distancing by wearing a mask and by keeping a distance of at least six feet between yourself and people who not (sic) part of your household’ And If You Decide To Have Sex With Someone Who Is Not ‘part of your household’ BLM Activist And PA Gov. Tom Wolf Advises To Wear A Mask Too

Sexual Health – PA.Gov › topics › disease › coronavirus › Pages › Guidance › Sexual-Health.aspx

During COVID-19, wearing a face covering that covers your nose and mouth is a good way to add a layer of protection during sex with those outside your household.

Sex, Tom’s Health Dept. explains “may include oral, vaginal or anal sex” and remember “You are your safest sex partner.”

‘That will be the least of our worries’: Biden administration is mocked for updating its nuclear attack guidelines to include SOCIAL DISTANCING and mask wearing as Russia readies its missiles after Ukraine invasion

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Biden’s and Democrat’s Greatest Success: Open Borders

Pennsylvania is the latest destination for ‘Biden Air’ illegal immigrant flights

‘If we flip Texas, we flip the country’: AOC says it’s inevitable the Lone Star State will turn blue as she campaigns for two Democrat candidates in the 2022 midterms

Biden gives illegal migrants free tickets to ride buses that whisk them deep into the US interior.

“For the Left, these policies are practically a fantasy come true,” Jessica M. Vaughan, Director of Policy Studies with the Center for Immigration Studies, told me. “The Democrats think that, in the long run, these new arrivals will not only stock certain congressional districts with fresh bodies, but also become loyal Democrat voters.”

The border stampede isn’t a Biden a ‘failure’ — it’s exactly what he and Dems want

By Deroy Murdock February 4, 2022

President Joe Biden’s no-border policy has detonated an explosion of illegal-immigrant apprehensions and got-aways at the southern “frontier.” Millions of Americans consider this one of Biden’s biggest failures, surpassed only by his utterly calamitous withdrawal from Afghanistan. However, this fiasco is Biden’s finest hour.

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Amid Record Amount of Illegals Crossing The Former US-Mexican Border Crime Surging Across America Biden Orders More Troops To Europe While ‘Capital fence going up ahead of Biden’s State of the Union as truckers plan DC protests’

Record-breaking amount of migrants crossing border, officials say

As crime surges across the US, liberal cities are seeing the ‘consequences of Defund the Police…

Capital fence going up ahead of Biden’s State of the Union as truckers plan DC protests

Biden orders more US troops to Eastern Europe amid Russia …

National Guard to be deployed to DC ahead of trucker protest

CA Governor Pulls National Guard From Border. Calls Trump Claim of National Security Crisis ‘Political Theater,’ …

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In Final Presidential Debate Biden Declared War On The Oil And Gas Industry

Promise Made To His Voters Promise Kept

Joe Biden Declares War on the Oil and Gas Industry in Final Presidential Debate…

Biden administration freezes new oil and gas drilling …

Feb. 21, 2022 (CNN)The Biden administration has once again put a pause on new leases and permits for federal oil and gas drilling…

May 26, 2021 President Biden says he decided to waive sanctions against the Russian-owned company behind the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany

10/28/21, 9:35 AM With a pen stroke, President Joe Biden cancels Keystone XL pipeline project

Russia Benefits from Biden Oil and Natural Gas Policies – IER

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Hunter Biden received $3.5M wire transfer from Russian billionaire: Senate report

Russia Benefits from Biden Oil and Natural Gas Policies – IER

The [Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee] also said they obtained records from the US Treasury Department that “show potential criminal activity relating to transactions among and between Hunter Biden, his family, and his associates with Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakh and Chinese nationals.”

Hunter Biden received $3.5M wire transfer from Russian billionaire: Senate report

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Clarence Thomas Surprised How Important Black Representation Is To Biden Who Viciously Tried To Destroy Him

Biden pledged to nominate a Black woman to SCOTUS

How’s that going Joe? Biden says he picked Ketanji Brown Jackson as Supreme Court Justice to ‘bring the country together’ after he was accused of tokenism for insisting appointee be a black woman

Clarence Thomas Surprised To Hear How Important Black Representation On SCOTUS Is To Man Who Viciously Tried To Destroy Him

Joe Biden Giving Eulogy of KKK Recruiter Robert Byrd Resurfaced

Biden described Byrd as “fiercely devoted to his principles,” a “friend,” “mentor” and a “guide”

Joe Biden — and the entire left — owes Clarence Thomas an apology

What Happens When The Americans Who Support The Police Begin To Believe Laws Are No Longer Being Fairly And Impartially Enforced

Bobby Gunther Walsh

Feb 22, 2022

Gunther Poll: If the roll of police is to crush peaceful protesters and allow BLM and Antifa to run wild, do you support defunding the police? YES OR NO?

BLM leader threatens to ‘burn the White House down’ and put police ‘in f***ing graves’ …

Black Lives Matter leaders met with Biden White House …

Attorney General Vows to Pursue Jan. 6 Inquiry ‘at Any Level’

Jan 5, 2022 In remarks delivered one day before the first anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland emphasized a commitment to the rule of law and to following the facts …

7 hours, 700 arrests, 1 year later: The Jan. 6 Capitol …

The Biden Administration Drops Dozens of Charges Against Violent Protesters in Portland

Biden’s DOJ Thinks BLM Criminals Deserve Lesser Sentences…

Why Charges Against Protesters Are Being Dismissed by the Thousands – The New York Times

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Philadelphia FOP Lodge 5 Files Lawsuit ‘seeking to invalidate a city law banning officers’ From Enforcing Existing Pennsylvania Laws – ‘Cause Racism The Illegal Alien Sanctuary City of Philadelphia Passed ‘Driving Equality Bill’ Which They Claim Nullifies And Bans Philly Police From Enforcing Parts of The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code

In other Philly news, while the city council and the mayor were continuing their quest to make the city a sanctuary for as many criminals as possible, the City of Philadelphia set the ALL-TIME murder record.

Philadelphia sets all-time murder record — RT World News

The city of Philadelphia has set a record in 2021 with 559 murders committed, the most in its history since records began. It has outstripped more populous cities that have also seen rates spike, like New York and Los Angeles. The rate surged from last year’s 499 murders and represented a major increase from 2019’s 356 killings.

Philadelphia rioters throw GARBAGE bins at cops and set …

Oct 27 2020 – RIOTERS hurled garbage cans at police officers, while a cop car was set ablaze as riots, which left 30 officers injured, broke out across Philadelphia.

In 2020 the year before Philadelphia set it’s All-Time record for murders, the then and still current Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw took a knee in solidarity with members of black lives matter protesting against the Philadelphia Police

Car rams cops as BLM riots spread from Philadelphia to NY …

Local Reporter Surveys Philly Walmart Ravaged by BLM Riots

‘Philadelphia church burned’ as rioters throw fireworks at …

Police union sues over Philadelphia ban on low-level stops

By CLAUDIA LAUER The Associated Press February 24, 2022 7:38 AM

The Philadelphia Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police filed a lawsuit seeking to invalidate a city law banning officers from pulling over drivers for low-level offenses, saying the law illegally preempts existing state laws on traffic violations.

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Biden Keeps His Promise To His Voters… Things Have Changed: ‘[Putin’s] a bully, just like [President Trump]. …tell you what, when I’m president, things are going to change.’ ‘Chip in $5’, U.S. President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. formally of Scranton, PA

Biden says Trump is first racist U.S. president – NBC News

Joe Biden Giving Eulogy of KKK Recruiter Robert Byrd Resurfaced

How Joe Biden avoided being drafted into the military FIVE TIMES…

Biden In 2019: ‘If I Am President’ Putin’s ‘Days Of Tyranny And Trying To Intimidate’ Are Over

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