Biden’s DOJ considers allowing ‘safe havens’ where addicts can legally shoot up – Biden’s HHS will hand out crack pipes to prevent infection and promote ‘racial equity’ 

Justice Department considers allowing safe havens for addicts where users can legally shoot up: Two injection sites have already opened in NYC and San Francisco center has left nearby streets littered with needles

  • The DoJ says it’s ‘evaluating’ the use of such facilities and talking to regulators
  • It’s a drastic change from its stance under President Trump, whose prosecutors sued to stop a safe consumption site in Philadelphia from opening
  • Last year, a federal appeals court ruled that such sites would violate a 1980s law against crackhouses
  • But two have since opened in NYC along with a ‘linkage center’ in San Francisco
  • Photos from San Francisco show dirty streets and addicts using in broad daylight

Biden administration to fund programs that hand out crack pipes to prevent infection and promote ‘racial equity’ 

President Biden’s Health and Human Services department (HHS) is finalizing funding to dole out crack pipes to drug addicts as part of its ‘Harm Reduction Plan.’ 

The $30 million grant program, which accepted applications until Monday and will begin doling out money in May, intends to provide funds to nonprofits and local governments to make drug use safer, to advance ‘racial equity.’ 

Included in the grant is money to purchase ‘safe smoking kits/supplies.’ 

A spokesperson for HHS told the Washington Free Beacon that included in these kits could be pipes for users to smoke substances like crack cocaine and crystal methamphetamine, or ‘any illicit substance.’ 


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