The Thin Blue Line Flag Is The New Confederate Flag

They Will Never Stop Until They Are Unequivocally Told “No!”

School bans Thin Blue Line flag, but BLM and Pride flags still allowed

Divisive Symbol:

Police force ‘told to REMOVE Blue Lives Matter flag from cop cars because it is a “divisive symbol”‘

Oregon police department removes thin blue line from patrol vehicles…

Non-Divisive Symbols:

Biden State Department signals support for BLM flag to be flown at US embassies

Biden to allow embassies to fly the Pride flag on the same …

NYPD vehicle painted for Gay Pride Parade this weekend …

How Black Lives Matter is moving into the schools

Burlington School Board approves Black Lives Matter flag …

A substitute teacher was caught on camera as he berated a teenager who was wearing a thin blue line American flag face mask. Lucas Lillar, 13, who is in the eighth grade at Lyman Gilmore Middle School in Grass Valley, California, near Sacramento …

The encounter in the classroom was all caught on cellphone video, which Lucas then showed to his father and mother, who are both police officers.

‘That’s not the American flag, that’s the new confederacy flag’: Substitute California teacher is caught on camera slamming eighth-grader’s thin blue line face mask

  • Lucas Lillar, 13, was yelled at by a substitute teacher in front of his class for wearing a Blue Lives Matter face mask at a middle school near Sacramento 
  • The teacher scolded him, telling him it was the ‘new Confederacy flag!’
  • Interaction caught on camera by other students who recorded on their phones
  • Lucas wears the mask because his dad and mom are both police officers 
  • The controversy comes as 27 cops were injured and 4 killed in January 2022
  • The Fraternal Order of Police argues violence directed at law enforcement officers is skyrocketing
  • FOP President Patrick Yoes argued the ‘alarming’ rise in violence ‘must be addressed now, not only at all levels of government but also by society, as we will all suffer the consequences if they go unaddressed’

I understand why they want that flag banned. I understand why they tore that statue down. I understand why that offends them. I understand why they burned a police station down. I understand… And It Will Never End Until They Are Told Unequivocally “No!”

Washington school district’s ban on ‘Thin Blue Line’ Flag …

Dem Official Says Burning Police Station Was ‘Act of Pure Righteousness

Ohio police department takes down its ‘thin blue line …

Wisconsin police chief bans ‘Thin Blue Line’ flags after …

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