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Police officers shot, killed in 2021 at all-time high …

‘All you niggas out there… start shooting these bitch ass motherfucking police’ scheduled NFL Super Bowl LVI halftime performer Snoop Dog

‘F– the Police’ Snoop Dogg Doing Super Bowl Halftime Show

”Scranton Joe’ Biden says he’s all for the working man, BUT his demand that Canada break the backs of the Freedom Convoy PROVES he’s nothing more than a hypocritical elitist’

DHS chief: Being in the U.S. illegally isn’t enough to earn deportation…

DHS orders deportation cancelled for convicted felon illegals

DHS demands Canada use “federal powers” to crush freedom protesters…

DHS moves to counter truck convoy in US ahead of Super Bowl Sunday amid trucker protests…

A president who billed himself as Scranton Joe, a union man, is urging another country to send in the Pinkertons, a private police force of the late 1800’s that specialized in vicious strikebreaking.

After decades of abandoning the working class to join hands with free-market Republicans in trade deals that decimated America’s working class, the Democrats tarred the first president in recent memory to address workers’ concerns as hopelessly racist.

Despite all the messaging of his campaign, Joe Biden didn’t win with the support of workers; it was affluent white suburban yuppies who decided the election for Biden, while Trump made huge gains in the working class of every minority group.

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