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Hillary Clinton Campaign Paid Tech Firm To Hack Into Donald’s Trump Towers and White House’s Servers ‘the aim was to try and smear Trump by linking him to Russia’

Trump tears into ‘corrupt’ CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, NBC and CBS for IGNORING claim Hillary’s campaign paid to spy on him: Says ‘hell would break loose’ if GOP did same as mainstream media dodges story ‘bigger than Watergate’ 

Hillary Clinton pushed Trump-Russia theory at center of Durham case

Obama, Biden Fully Aware that Hillary Clinton financed and helped to plan the lies about Trump and Russia collusion

Three Times Joe Biden Was Reportedly Involved with the Russian Collusion Hoax

Trump accuses Hillary Clinton campaign of TREASON after Special Counsel John Durham said they paid tech firm to hack into his White House and Trump Tower servers to find Russia links

Hillary Clinton’s election campaign paid money to a tech firm to ‘infiltrate’ servers that were at Trump Tower, and later the White House. According to a filing from Special Counsel John Durham, the aim was to try and smear Trump by linking him to Russia, which had been accused of meddling in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Lock her up? Ex-Director of National Intelligence says there’s ‘enough evidence to indict MULTIPLE people’ in Trump-Russia probe after revelation that Hillary’s campaign paid tech firm to Hack Donald’s Trump Towers and White House servers

Ex-intel officials silent over letter claiming Russian involvement in Hunter Biden laptop saga…

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Biden to deploy 3,000 more US troops to protect the border… the Ukrainian Border from invasion

Tucker Carlson: Democrats suddenly value border security, just not the US border…

Classified 2016 email shows US diplomat warning of Hunter Biden deals in Ukraine

Mykola Zlochevsky, a former Ukrainian natural resources minister and founder of Burisma Holdings,… paid Hunter Biden $1 million a year to sit on its board.

‘Worst Year Ever’ Recorded: 1.8 Million Illegal Immigrants to Cross Border Under Biden

Biden Slammed for Ukraine Troop Plan While Southern Border Crisis Rages

President Biden warns Putin of ‘swift and severe’ economic and political costs during in HOUR-LONG phone call if Russia invades Ukraine – as Pentagon officially announces an additional 3,000 troops to Poland

Pentagon Axed Trump Plan to Send 250K Troops to Mexico Border…

Deportations Plummet Under Biden Enforcement Policies

U.S. Under Biden Will No Longer Call Migrants ‘Illegal Aliens’

Foreign-born population soars to new record under Biden …