‘Suffolk County PBA’s post condemning Snoop Dogg removed by Instagram’

“For Instagram to censor a post that condemns Snoop Dogg for encouraging the killing of police officers is evidence that Instagram is complicit and condones such violence,” said Lou Civello, Vice President of the Suffolk County PBA.

“All you n—as out there, Take your guns that you using to shoot each other

And start shooting these b—h-ass mother-f–king police.

That’ll impress a mother-f–king n—a like me. The crooked mother-f-ckers

‘Cause these police getting way too mother-fcking outta line”

Snoop Dogg and J5Slap’s song “Police”

Suffolk County PBA’s post condemning Snoop Dogg removed by Instagram

By Patrick Reilly February 14, 2022 8:02pm

Instagram removed — and then later restored —a post from the Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association’s Instagram page urging followers to boycott The Super Bowl in protest of half-time performer Snoop Dog’s song lyrics that promote anti-police violence.

According to Instagram, the Feb. 11 post, which decried anti-police violence, was “removed for violence and incitement.”

“Encouraging people to shoot police officers apparently earns you a spot as a headliner at the Superbowl,” the PBA wrote in the post…


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