Perhaps The 18-year-old American Who Competed For China Just Listened To And Agrees With The Current US President, His VP, His UN Ambassador, Et al. And China That America Is A Systemically Racist Xenophobic Country Founded By White Supremacists

Is that cool now? To choose a totalitarian police state over America?’ Bill Maher slams US-born Olympic gold medal skier Eileen Gu’s over her decision to compete for China

Maher said. ‘But because the “woke” now see race first and everything else never, fear of being accused of racism has given a free pass on human rights abuses to China and any other places that are perceived as non-white.’

Biden Claims America is Racist, It’s ‘A White Man’s Problem’…

Joe Biden: Cops Don’t Pull Over White Girls – PJ Media

Biden Says Trump Is America’s First ‘Racist’ President

Kamala Harris Takes Veiled Shot at Trump, Trashes America as a Racist and Xenophobic Country After Meeting…

Biden U.N. ambassador blasts U.S., rips ‘White supremacy’ within ‘founding documents and principles’

Biden says there’s “absolutely” systemic racism in law enforcement and beyond…

Biden After Verdict: ‘Systemic Racism’ is ‘a Stain on Our Nation’s Soul’…

Joe Biden tells class of 2021 graduates systemic racism is ‘the greatest crises of our time’ …

Is Everything Racist? Four Everyday Things The Biden Administration Presents As ‘Racist’

Biden Says January 6 Riot Was About ‘White Supremacy’ – PJ …

Biden: ‘They’re Gonna Put You All Back in Chains’ | CNSNews

Joe Biden: Requiring Voter ID Is Bringing Back The Civil War

Biden says it’s time to ‘dismantle systemic racism’ in …

Biden, Harris slam ‘systemic racism’ in US, say Chauvin…

China Scolds U.S. for Racism at U.N. Human Rights Council

China smacks Biden admin on world stage, accuses US of being weak uses BLM to taunt human rights violations

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