Ukrainian ‘company Burisma paid Hunter Biden $1 million a year to sit on its board.’

Biden cares more about the Ukrainian border than the US border…

Biden’s Border and Ukraine Crisis

Biden’s policies have created a massive flow of illegal immigration that has destroyed security along our southern border and imperils our own national sovereignty. Critics asked how Biden could…

Hunter Biden’s Ukraine salary was cut — after Joe Biden left office

Classified 2016 email shows US diplomat warning of Hunter Biden deals in Ukraine

By Bruce Golding

February 2, 2022

A classified US State Department email from 2016 shows a leading diplomat warning that Hunter Biden’s lucrative job with a Ukrainian energy company “undercut” American efforts to fight corruption in the Eastern European country.

The existence of the email was never acknowledged during several court battles over Freedom of Information Act requests that sought records related to business dealings involving the first son and his father, President Biden, said the Just the News website, which published the email in its report Tuesday.

The report came one day after the New York Times sued the State Department for allegedly withholding emails and memos involving Hunter Biden and his former business associates that were sent to or received by officials at the US Embassy in Romania.

US Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) also called it “frightening” to learn that Trump “wasn’t allowed to have information that he’s entitled to have to put on his defense.”

A State Department spokesperson said, “We do not comment on matters under litigation.”

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