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Clarence Thomas Surprised How Important Black Representation Is To Biden Who Viciously Tried To Destroy Him

Biden pledged to nominate a Black woman to SCOTUS

How’s that going Joe? Biden says he picked Ketanji Brown Jackson as Supreme Court Justice to ‘bring the country together’ after he was accused of tokenism for insisting appointee be a black woman

Clarence Thomas Surprised To Hear How Important Black Representation On SCOTUS Is To Man Who Viciously Tried To Destroy Him

Joe Biden Giving Eulogy of KKK Recruiter Robert Byrd Resurfaced

Biden described Byrd as “fiercely devoted to his principles,” a “friend,” “mentor” and a “guide”

Joe Biden — and the entire left — owes Clarence Thomas an apology

What Happens When The Americans Who Support The Police Begin To Believe Laws Are No Longer Being Fairly And Impartially Enforced

Bobby Gunther Walsh

Feb 22, 2022

Gunther Poll: If the roll of police is to crush peaceful protesters and allow BLM and Antifa to run wild, do you support defunding the police? YES OR NO?

BLM leader threatens to ‘burn the White House down’ and put police ‘in f***ing graves’ …

Black Lives Matter leaders met with Biden White House …

Attorney General Vows to Pursue Jan. 6 Inquiry ‘at Any Level’

Jan 5, 2022 In remarks delivered one day before the first anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland emphasized a commitment to the rule of law and to following the facts …

7 hours, 700 arrests, 1 year later: The Jan. 6 Capitol …

The Biden Administration Drops Dozens of Charges Against Violent Protesters in Portland

Biden’s DOJ Thinks BLM Criminals Deserve Lesser Sentences…

Why Charges Against Protesters Are Being Dismissed by the Thousands – The New York Times

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