What Happens When The Americans Who Support The Police Begin To Believe Laws Are No Longer Being Fairly And Impartially Enforced

Bobby Gunther Walsh

Feb 22, 2022

Gunther Poll: If the roll of police is to crush peaceful protesters and allow BLM and Antifa to run wild, do you support defunding the police? YES OR NO?

BLM leader threatens to ‘burn the White House down’ and put police ‘in f***ing graves’ …

Black Lives Matter leaders met with Biden White House …

Attorney General Vows to Pursue Jan. 6 Inquiry ‘at Any Level’

Jan 5, 2022 In remarks delivered one day before the first anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland emphasized a commitment to the rule of law and to following the facts …

7 hours, 700 arrests, 1 year later: The Jan. 6 Capitol …

The Biden Administration Drops Dozens of Charges Against Violent Protesters in Portland

Biden’s DOJ Thinks BLM Criminals Deserve Lesser Sentences…

Why Charges Against Protesters Are Being Dismissed by the Thousands – The New York Times

Nov 19, 2020 – Why Charges Against Protesters Are Being Dismissed by the Thousands. Prosecutors declined to pursue many of the cases because they concluded the protesters were exercising their basic civil rights …

Nearly All Rioters Freed from Jail in D.C., Most Avoid …

Hundreds of NYC rioters, looters have charges dropped

St. Louis rioters not being prosecuted, attorney general …

Two Systems of Justice: Antifa Rioter Gets Case Dismissed …

An Antifa rioter in Portland, Oregon who shined a laser in the eyes of police officers during a riot and was subsequently arrested three times, has had his federal charges dropped after doing community service. Meanwhile, Trump supporters continue to languish in jail for months over January 6th. We do not have equal justice under the law.

Meet Minyon Moore, BLM board member and CRT promoter helping Biden with Supreme Court pick

Biden has demanded Canada crush the Freedom Convoy: BATYA ..

Mostly Peaceful Riot And Looting

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