Biden’s and Democrat’s Greatest Success: Open Borders

Pennsylvania is the latest destination for ‘Biden Air’ illegal immigrant flights

‘If we flip Texas, we flip the country’: AOC says it’s inevitable the Lone Star State will turn blue as she campaigns for two Democrat candidates in the 2022 midterms

Biden gives illegal migrants free tickets to ride buses that whisk them deep into the US interior.

“For the Left, these policies are practically a fantasy come true,” Jessica M. Vaughan, Director of Policy Studies with the Center for Immigration Studies, told me. “The Democrats think that, in the long run, these new arrivals will not only stock certain congressional districts with fresh bodies, but also become loyal Democrat voters.”

The border stampede isn’t a Biden a ‘failure’ — it’s exactly what he and Dems want

By Deroy Murdock February 4, 2022

President Joe Biden’s no-border policy has detonated an explosion of illegal-immigrant apprehensions and got-aways at the southern “frontier.” Millions of Americans consider this one of Biden’s biggest failures, surpassed only by his utterly calamitous withdrawal from Afghanistan. However, this fiasco is Biden’s finest hour.

After 11 months, Biden’s “border” remains wide open, if not functionally erased. Illegal immigrants cascade across. Between Feb. 1 and Dec. 31, 2021 — on Biden’s watch — Customs and Border Protection apprehended a record 1,956,596 illegal immigrants on the southern “frontier,” vs. 511,192 one year earlier, under President Donald Trump — up 283 percent.

Biden gives illegal migrants free tickets to ride buses that whisk them deep into the US interior. Migrants in Brownsville, Texas, score free cab rides to the airport, whereupon they jet to Atlanta, Houston and other cities.

Still other illegal immigrants — including single adult males — board clandestine night flights that land after closing time in New York’s Westchester Airport and other airfields. As if in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch, migrants without papers may use their arrest warrants as ID to board aircraft. Specifically, this is ICE Form I-200 — Warrant for Arrest of Alien.


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