January Lunch Bucket Joe Biden Visits General Motors February GM Hires Biden’s Niece

GM hires Biden niece, former Obama aide…

GM and other automakers are pushing for government assistance, including tax incentives, to get consumers to transition to electric vehicles.

FAMILY MATTERS: If Republicans retake the majority in the House this fall, the investigations into Biden’s family could go beyond the president’s son, HUNTER. Today, Rep. RALPH NORMAN (R-S.C.), the ranking member on the House Oversight Subcommittee on the Environment, wrote to White House counsel DANA REMUS asking for internal documents relating to General Motors recent decision to hire Biden’s niece, MISSY OWENS, to be its new head of environmental, social and corporate governance, according to a letter obtained by West Wing Playbook.

“The billions of dollars at stake through the current implementation of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) for the Domestic Electric Vehicles Manufacturing Industry, in particular, raises questions about whether Ms. Owens was offered her position based on merit or because of her direct line to the White House,” Norman wrote.

The White House declined to comment. Biden ran on an ambitious expansion of electric vehicles during the campaign.

Source: https://www.politico.com/newsletters/west-wing-playbook/2022/02/24/the-daleep-doctrine-00011437

Biden visits car plant after GM pays $160K to adviser’s kin

Nov 17, 2021 General Motors won a visit from President Biden Wednesday to an electric vehicle factory in Detroit after paying the brother of one of his senior advisers $160,000 in lobbying fees. Jeff Ricchetti …

GM hires Biden niece Missy Owens for director position

February 9

General Motors has hired Missy Owens, niece of President Biden, as its new director of environment, sustainability and governance (ESG) policy, FOX Business has confirmed.

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