Go Pump Yourself: OPEC Members Refuse To Take Calls From The President of the United States

China responds to US sanctions threat

Beijing has pledged to defend Chinese companies and individuals trading with Russia against America’s wishes

Unlike US allies in Europe and elsewhere, China has refused to condemn Russia for its attack against Ukraine. Beijing agreed with Moscow’s assessment that NATO’s unchecked expansion in Eastern Europe and the failure to address Russia’s national security concerns paved the way to the current crisis.

Biden vows to ‘make America respected around the world again’

Gas Prices Reach Historic Highs — How Much More Will You …

OPEC Says To Biden: If You Want More Oil, Pump It Yourself

Nov 9, 2021 President Joe Biden speaking on Wednesday in front of gasoline prices last month in California. OPEC and its oil-producing partners have rebuffed President Joe Biden’s calls for increased …

Saudi, Emirati Leaders Decline Calls With Biden During Ukraine Crisis

China Backs Russia Against Ukraine, NATO

Biden declares America is back and announces end of …

Feb 4, 2021 Biden declares ‘America is back’ as he announces major foreign policy shifts.

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