Hey Look Over There: PA Gov. ‘stands with Ukraine’ Will Do Everything In His Power To Support Ukraine Calls For ‘$2 million in state funds’ For Ukrainians That May Flee To Pennsylvania’ While Pennsylvania Has ‘one of the worst property tax rates in the country’, 4th Highest Overall Tax Rate, ‘higher than average violent crime rate’, 3rd Highest Gas Tax, And Makes Top Ten States For Outbound Migration

Only three states have a higher effective overall tax rate than Pennsylvania. Only two states have a higher gas tax.

States with the Highest & Lowest Tax Rates

PA Property Tax Burden Among Nation’s Worst, Study Says …

Pennsylvania has one of the worst property tax rates in the country, personal finance website WalletHub found.

Pennsylvania Makes Top Ten For Outbound Migration And ‘only Northeastern state with a higher than average violent crime rate…’

America’s Most Dangerous States

Pennsylvania is the only Northeastern state with a higher than average violent crime rate…

Gov. Wolf: Pennsylvania Stands with Ukraine, Will Continue …

The governor also supports legislation providing $2 million in state funds to provide fast, flexible support for Ukrainians fleeing conflict who may come to Pennsylvania.

‘Pa. stands with Ukraine.’ Gov. Tom Wolf calls on Legislature to support refugees, divest from …

I will do everything in my power to ensure Pennsylvania’s support of Ukraine and also sever tie…

Americans ditched high-tax Democrat-run states for low-tax or no-tax havens mostly governed by Republicans during pandemic: Populations shrink in NY, NJ, California, Illinois and spike in Texas, Florida, Carolinas and Big Sky country

  • The analysis contrasted data from the US Census Bureau, along with commercial datasets released this week by U-Haul and United Van Lines
  • Low or no-personal-income states such as Florida, Texas, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Nevada, and Tennessee saw the most prevalent spike in population
  • Meanwhile, states like the District of Columbia and New York – the only two to raise personal income taxes in 2021 – shrunk significantly in population

By Andrea Blanco For Dailymail.Com

Published: 17:15 EST, 6 February 2022 | Updated: 17:22 EST, 6 February 2022

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