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Candidate Biden Promises His Voters If Elected: “No Ability For The Oil industry To Continue To Drill, Period, Ends”

Biden: “No Ability For The Oil industry To Continue To Drill, Period, Ends”

Biden Makes Sweeping Changes to Oil and Gas Policy …

President Joe Biden has followed through on a campaign pledge by introducing a moratorium on new oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters. With nearly 25 percent of U.S. oil and gas production coming from federal lands, the policy shift may have significant implications for future investment and production. The backlash from oil and gas producing states will be fierce

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey (D-PA)Voted For Putin’s Nordstream 2 Pipeline Against U.S. Keystone XL Pipeline

Philadelphia rioters throw GARBAGE bins at cops and set police car on fire as officers flee and 30 are hurt

PA Sen. Bob Casey And U.S. Senate Vote To Reject Amendment To Ensure “Stimulus Checks” Are Not Sent To Prisoners

One of Pennsylvania’s Senators Voted in Favor of Putin’s Pipeline and Against America’s Energy Workers

March 1, 2022

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) has betrayed America’s energy workers and empowered Vladimir Putin. While he represents one of our nation’s most robust energy-producing states, he decided to put the needs of a Russian tyrant ahead of those of America’s energy workers when he took two key votes in the Senate.

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