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‘imagine… if the media gave the same quantity and tone of breathless coverage to *our* border invasion as they’re giving ukraine, picture it – the blood and carnage in mexico relentlessly documented, detailed profiles on the worst of the cartel figures and human traffickers…’

Fri, March 11, 2022 – Mayor shot dead in Mexico drug war flashpoint as governor vows to “punish those…

Aguililla Mayor Cesar Valencia was shot dead by unknown attackers while traveling in a city hall vehicle near a soccer field in the town…

Mexican mayors and other local-level politicians frequently fall victim to violence connected to corruption and the multibillion-dollar narcotics trade.

The Sun UK Edition, Jon Lockett 12:46, 23 Nov 2020: Horrific mass grave filled with 113 ‘butchered’ corpses and skulls in bags found in cartel war zone in Mexico

The region is the home state of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG)
The ‘hyper violent’ CJNG likes to hang victims from motorway bridges

There is a crisis occurring on Texas’ Southern border, and our ranchers and landowners need help.

The unimaginable burdens placed on ranchers and property owners in South Texas are very real. Not only are these individuals robbed of their possessions, but also their security and peace of mind. Lives are at stake every day, and as the crisis continues to worsen, so will the peril for these residents.

Editorial: The border crisis is real for Texas ranchers

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Google A Member of The Ministry of Truth Has Decided For You: “Ukraine on Fire” examines Ukraine and Russia’s complicated history’… ‘Six years after it first appeared online, it was censored by YouTube…’

Google Is CENSORING EVERYTHING! Look At What DuckDuckGo Returns!

DuckDuckGo slammed for downrating Russian search results …

DuckDuckGo CENSORS Russian NEWS as EU Sanctions BAN Social Media POSTS

Censored: Ukraine on Fire

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