‘Explain it to the American people’ Joe ‘Scranton Values’ Biden

FLASHBACK: Biden Brags About Getting Ukrainian Prosecutor Investigating Son Fired…

Sure Seems Joe Biden Knowingly Lied About the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

“There are 50 former national intelligence folks who said that what he’s accusing me of is a Russian plant,” Biden said during the third presidential debate when Trump raised the issue. “[F]ive former heads of the CIA, both parties, say what he’s saying is a bunch of garbage,” Biden continued.

President Trump tells Joe Biden to explain emails found on the laptop belonging to Biden’s son Hunter to the American people during the second 2020 presidential debate.

Scranton Values | Joe Biden for President – YouTube

Scranton Values | Joe Biden for President

“Scranton is not my home because of the memories it gave me but because of the values it instilled in me…I’m running to rebuild the backbone of this country and the middle class.” -Joe Biden

Joe Biden: White America ‘has to admit there’s still a systemic racism’…

That includes all you Scrantonians too, who after filling your gas tanks wonder how you’re going to feed your family and pay your bills. At least if you’re female and White you don’t have to worry about the systemically racist police pulling you over on the way home, because like Joe knows, Cops don’t pull over White girls.

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