‘Why a “no-fly zone” means war | Defense News Weekly Full Episode, 3.12.22’

Americans Most Likely To Fight The War Are Less Likely To Support The War Than Those Who Will Not

Rasmussen Poll: “If a wider war breaks out in Europe, should the U.S. military be involved?”

The Greatest Support For U.S. Military involvement were those with an income over $200K, the least with an income under $30K.

Why a “no-fly zone” means war | Defense News Weekly Full Episode, 3.12.22

An expert outlines why a “no-fly zone” is a complicated endeavor that inevitably means combat, and a Ukrainian official tells the U.S. to “show some balls.”

16 Mar 2022 – Biden calls Putin a ‘war criminal’ over Russian invasion …

March 22, 2021 – When Biden Insulted Putin on National TV

Biden has called him the “KGB thug in charge of Russia,” has mocked President Trump, whom he greatly respects, as “Putin’s puppy”

It remains unclear as to what response the United States can expect from the Russian Federation for what is dismissed as trivial by Biden but is taken as a major slight by Putin.

Biden walks back Putin remark, calls him ‘worthy adversary’

Mitch McConnell Calls Putin ‘Ruthless Thug’

Joe Biden Calls China’s Xi Jinping a ‘Thug’ – YouTube

One response to “‘Why a “no-fly zone” means war | Defense News Weekly Full Episode, 3.12.22’

  1. No Fly must happen because it is right thing to do. If the US doesn’t act, it is the same thing g as watching the Nazis all over again and doing nothing. The US is weak


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