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Dial 311: With Homicides In 2022 Outpacing 2021 Which Ended With ‘the most murders in the city’s history’ The Illegal Alien Sanctuary City of Philadelphia Announces It Will Begin Cracking Down On Businesses Who Violate It’s Ban on ‘single-use plastic bags’

Philadelphia ends 2021 with the most murders in the city’s history

‘We are devastated’: Philadelphia reaches 100 homicides in 2022, outpacing historically deadly 2021

Democrats Run America’s Top 20 Crime-Ridden Cities …

Philadelphia experiencing 80% increase in carjackings in 2021 police say

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Biden’s ‘Scranton Values’: “He’s from Delaware, isn’t he?”

Biden says he seeks to bring ‘Scranton values’ nationwide …

White supremacy ‘most lethal’ threat to America, Biden says

Joe Biden Brags: I Go Home to Delaware ‘Every Time I Get a Chance’

Feb 17, 2022 Biden is the first president in modern history to spend nearly all of his weekends away from the White House, most of them at home in Delaware. “I represented Delaware for 36 years as United States senator,”…

Locals are quick to note that Biden moved away from Scranton when he was 10 and complain that he seems to find his way back only around election time.

When I visited Scranton, Biden’s $2 trillion Build Back Better agenda was being debated in Washington. But the legislation didn’t come up in any of my conversations. Instead, most locals complained about vaccine mandates and spending-induced inflation, as well as cultural issues such as illegal immigration, rising crime rates, and what’s being taught in public schools.

The image of Biden as a champion of the working class is something of a media construct…

Perhaps most revealingly, a recent Economist/YouGov poll found that just 12% of white men without a college degree and 15% of white women without a college degree believe Biden cares “a lot” about their needs and problems, the lowest among any demographic in the survey.

Joe Biden’s Scranton problem

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