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‘…what happened at Yale [free speech debate] was not an isolated case. Law schools are in crisis. The truth doesn’t matter much. The game is to signal one’s virtue.’ Yale Law School professor Kate Stith

Police vehicles burn after being set on fire by demonstrators in the Fairfax District, Los Angeles.

BLM privilege and Jan. 6 Capitol riot shame

Feb 20, 2022 The 2020 BLM riots injured or blinded more than 2,000 police officers, resulted in the deaths of more than two dozen people and property damage worth more than $1 billion, the most expensive in …

Prosecutors dismiss looting, rioting charges against hundreds of protestors across U.S. …

Jun 4, 2020 In St. Louis, the District of Columbia, Philadelphia and New York, serious charges against hundreds of people arrested for stealing and torching property have been dismissed.

More Voters Want Congress to Investigate BLM Riots than January 6…

Liberal Elites Want Us to Care About Jan. 6. But They Don’t Care When Our Cities Burn | Opinion

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UH-OH FL Dems Not Even Close To Being All-In With Alphabet Mafia: ‘Poll shows FL DEMOCRATIC primary voters support the GOP Legislature’s “Parental Rights”/LGBT education bill by 52-36%’ Which According to Biden Would Make 52% of FL Dems ‘Hateful’ Surely Racist Too

DeSantis says critics of Florida’s parental rights bill ‘need to get out of their bubble’

Ron DeSantis Rips Reporter for Peddling Fake News on Parental Rights Bill

FACT CHECK: Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Doesn’t Mention ‘Gay’ Would Apply to ‘Primary Grades…

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Twitter suspends Tucker Carlson over 7-word tweet about transgender HHS official [and Former PA Health Sec.] Rachel Levine

Former Pa. Health Secretary Rachel Levine among USA Today’s Women of the Year

Biden Admin Dubs Transgender Individual Rachel Levine ‘First-Ever Female Four-Star Admiral’…

Carlson was commenting about the suspension of the Babylon Bee and Charlie Kirk over respective tweets calling Rachel Levine, the assistant secretary for health at the Department of Health and Human Services, a male. Levine is a biological male but identifies as a transgender female.

Twitter suspends Tucker Carlson over 7-word tweet about transgender HHS official Rachel Levine

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CEOs of Major Airlines Tell Biden To DROP ‘outdated’ Mask Mandate Fauci Says Mask Mandates Could Be Reimposed Biden Says ‘listen to Dr. Fauci’

“The new oligarchy must increasingly rely on the advice of scientists until in the end the politicians become merely the scientists’ puppets.” ~ C. S. Lewis

COVID-19 vaccine won’t be mandatory in US, says Fauci

13 times Fauci opposed vaccine mandates

Fauci wants COVID vaccines required for healthcare workers

Fauci says he supports school vaccine mandates…

Fauci Supports Vaccine Mandates For Teachers…

Fauci supports vaccine mandate for travel | CNN Travel

Covid-19 vaccine mandates work, Dr. Anthony Fauci says

Fauci says more vaccine mandates may be needed to get …

Fauci warns Americans not to invite unvaccinated relatives for the holidays

CEOs of 10 major airlines and cargo operators including American, Southwest, JetBlue and FedEx tell Biden to DROP ‘outdated’ mask mandates and tests for travelers 

Fox Op-Ed: Dr. Rand Paul: “The arrogance of Anthony Fauci …

Fauci surfaces from media hiatus, says mask mandates could be reimposed

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‘Root Causes’: In 2021 Albuquerque, New Mexico Set All-Time Record For Homicides In 2022 District Judge Stanley Whitaker Releases Suspect Charged With Two Separate Homicides On An Ankle Monitor

Double murder suspect is released on ankle monitor by New Mexico judge using woke bail reform tool…

New Mexico District Judge Stanley Whitaker

At least 16 cities see record homicides in 2021 | Fox News

1. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Homicides in 2021: At least 107.

Previous record: 93 in 2019.

The Albuquerque Police Department did not respond to inquiries from Fox News, but the city’s homicide numbers from 2018 are listed on its website. The 2021 number is “easily a record” for the city, according to the Santa Fe-New Mexican.