UH-OH FL Dems Not Even Close To Being All-In With Alphabet Mafia: ‘Poll shows FL DEMOCRATIC primary voters support the GOP Legislature’s “Parental Rights”/LGBT education bill by 52-36%’ Which According to Biden Would Make 52% of FL Dems ‘Hateful’ Surely Racist Too

DeSantis says critics of Florida’s parental rights bill ‘need to get out of their bubble’

Ron DeSantis Rips Reporter for Peddling Fake News on Parental Rights Bill

FACT CHECK: Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Doesn’t Mention ‘Gay’ Would Apply to ‘Primary Grades…

‘News’ Outlets: AP, other outlets repeat liberal ‘Don’t Say Gay’ talking point on Florida education bill as legislation passes

Outmaneuvered‘: Normally a master of messaging, Ron DeSantis was outmaneuvered by the three-word catchph…

‘Controversial’: Florida House passes controversial ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill … [that even the majority of Democrats support!]

‘Sports’ Network: ESPN Broadcasters Hold Moment of Silence to Protest Florida’s Parental-Rights Bill on LGBT Ed

‘Don’t Say Gay’: Biden denounces ‘hateful’ new Florida bill

Biden administration meets with Florida LGBTQ students …

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