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Thousands of ‘Russians, Ukrainians Increasingly Using Southern Border to Get into U.S.’ While Biden Vows To Defend ‘every inch of NATO territory’ D.C. Democrats and Republicans Unite To Expel Russians From Ukraine

Biden migrant surge sets all-time record for most arrests at southern border…

GOP/Dem Spending Bill Funds Border Security for Eight Foreign Countries

The invasion of Ukraine unites a divided America

54% of both Democrats and Republicans favor sending troops to reinforce our NATO allies in Eastern Europe

Biden vows to defend ‘every inch of NATO territory’ in…

Leaked video reveals Joe Biden’s ‘hush hush’ migrant invasion

Russians, Ukrainians Increasingly Using Southern Border to Get into U.S.

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Joe Biden Reminisced About Putting A Dead Dog On A Republican Woman’s Doorstep While serving on the New Castle County Council

Biden says he put a dead dog on a Republican woman’s doorstep while serving as a Delaware county official and promises to ‘work like the devil’ to bring down gas prices in National Association of Counties speech

  • President Joe Biden reminisced about his time spent serving on the New Castle County Council during an address at the National Association of Counties 
  • Biden told the crowd gathered at the Washington Hilton that, ‘I know from personal experience how hard the job you have is’ 
  • He recalled how he represented a middle class to working class district, with ‘one very wealthy neighborhood’ within its confines
  • Biden said a woman ‘obviously not of the same persuasion as I was politically’ wanted a dead dog removed from her yard
  • She pointed out to Biden, who was in his 20s, that she paid his salary and demanded the dog be taken away that night 
  • ‘So I went over. I picked it up. She said I want it out of my front yard,’ Biden said. ‘I put it on her doorstep,’ he said to laughs
  • Do you know more about Biden’s dead dog story? Email newsUS@dailymail.com 

One Man’s Nazi Is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter: ‘Meet Some of America’s Newest Best Friends’

Ukrainian Azov Battalion

Joe Biden Repeats Charlottesville ‘Very Fine People Hoax’ at NATO Summit

Biden, Harris condemn U.S. racism, sexism in blunt language

Biden Leads Standing Ovation for the Ukrainian People

Ukraine Makes Birthday of Nazi Collaborator a National Holiday and Bans Book Critical of Anti-Semitic Leader

A cop in Ukraine said he was detaining me because I was black…

Jan 2, 2015 – But racism in Ukraine was much more blunt – always in my face, unabashed and in plain view.

Facebook Allows Praise of Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion

Facebook will temporarily allow its billions of users to praise the Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian neo-Nazi military unit previously banned…

Ukrainian doctors ‘told to castrate captured Russians because they are cockroaches’

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