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I Did All That Way Before The Russia-Ukraine War

Sep 7, 2019 – Joe Biden Promises Environmentalist: ‘Look into My Eyes; I Guarantee You, We Are Going to End Fossil Fuel’

Apr 13, 2021 – Biden’s Green Energy Plan Declares War on American Energy

Aug 11, 2021 – Biden asks OPEC to produce MORE oil as prices at the pumps rise…

Oct 10, 2021 – Biden inflation cost American families higher food prices – The Blaze

Feb 24, 2022 – The day Putin invaded Ukraine | News | The Guardian

Mar 14, 2022 – Biden blames Putin for soaring gas prices, inflation in U.S. – Washington Times

Watch Biden: ‘Look into My Eyes; I Guarantee You, We Are Going to End Fossil Fuel’

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The Evolution of A ‘Bigot’

Joe Biden finally says ‘Tesla’ after Elon Musk’s complaints

Tesla Sued Over ‘Rampant Racism’ at California Factory | Time

Tesla Faces New Scrutiny Over Racial Bias and Elon Musk’s Tweets…

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: We Reject Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ In The State of Florida

Biden’s DHS Secretary Can’t Say If Illegal Alien Terrorists ‘apprehended at the United States-Mexico border last year, were released into American communities.’

President Joe Biden bikes in Delaware.

Watch: DHS Mayorkas Can’t Say If Illegal Alien Terrorists Have Been Released into American Communities

1 day ago Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas cannot say for certain that none of the 42 illegal aliens on the FBI Terrorism Watch List and No-Fly List, apprehended at the United States-Mexico border last year, were released into American communities. During a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Mayorkas said he …

Tell @JudiciaryDems @SenJudiciaryGOP to REJECT the nomination of Nusrat Jahan Choudhury

‘National FOP Outraged by [Biden’s] Nominee’s Statement that Cops Shoot Unarmed Black Men “Every day”’

[National Fraternal Order of Police] ‘Calls for Rejection of [Biden’s] Federal Judge Nominee’ Who Said, “cops kill unarmed Black men in America every single day.”

[Nusrat Jahan] Choudhury, if confirmed, would be the first Muslim woman to serve as a federal judge. She is currently the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois.

“Your record shows that you believe cops are guilty until proven innocent,” [Sen. John Kennedy, R-La.] charged. “Your record shows that if a cop — if a cop shoots a criminal, it’s the cop’s fault, and if a criminal shoots a cop it’s the gun’s fault. I’ve read your record. I’ve read your record … ‘

Police Union Head Calls for Rejection of Federal Judge Nominee

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Biden’s DHS Creates ‘Ministry of Truth’ To Stop Disinformation/Misinformation From Being Disseminated Such As Hunter Biden’s Laptop Scandal

Ministry of Truth

The Ministry makes sure all information available to the population… conforms with current party lines. They are also in charge of changing accounts of the past and destroying any evidence that will prove the Party false.

Biden labels Hunter Biden laptop scandal a ‘Russia plant’

‘It has to stop’: Biden instructs social media companies to censor misinformation

How big tech, media and Dems killed the Hunter Biden story

President Biden said Hunter laptop was Russian disinformation, but son now says it ‘could’ be his

Biden Spreads Covid Misinformation During CNN Town Hall

Catherine Mortensen: Joe Biden’s Top 10 Lies of 2021 | The …

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Biden’s Administration Plans ‘to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars’ to ‘address health disparities experienced by communities of color, low-income populations, and LGBTQ+ individuals…’

…civil rights groups are objecting claiming that the move could disproportionately harm minority communities.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other civil rights groups warned that the ban could lead to over-policing and further racial discrimination against black people. The insinuation is that police could target black smokers after the ban is put in place.

Biden admin’s move to ban menthol cigarettes to protect minorities slammed for discriminating against blacks

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Biden’s War on Cops Continues: ‘Biden’s judicial nominee claimed that police kill unarmed Black men in America every single day.’

Just like Biden, his nominee believes it’s OK to flat out lie when you’re an advocate or running for political office.

Joe Biden: Cops don’t pull over white girls

Biden, Democrats’ lies about cops spawned sickening shooting…

Police officers shot, killed in 2021 at all-time high …

101 police officers shot in line of duty, a 43% increase from 2021: National Fraternal Order of Police

2 Apr. 2022 – The latest figure marks a 43% increase compared to 2021 and a 63% increase compared to 2020

Watch Joe Biden On His United States Government Official Twitter Account Tell A Black Audience That Cops Don’t Pull Over White Girls! What Kind of Human Being Tells Flat Out Lies Like This?

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