March 29 Fauci Says Americans Should Be Prepared ‘to pivot toward going back’ To COVID-19 Restrictions April 1 CDC Says COVID Restrictions ‘no longer necessary’ For Biden’s Illegal Aliens

Restrictions And Laws Are For Law Abiding Americans

Fauci: Americans should be prepared for new COVID-19 restrictions…

Title 42 to be terminated on May 23, CDC says

Today Immigration authority Title 42 to be terminated on May 23, CDC says By … Order suspending the right to introduce migrants into the United States is no longer necessary,” the agency said. …

Despite warnings, including from fellow Democrats, that it will lead to another surge of illegal migrants at the border with Mexico, President Biden will end the Trump-era policy known as Title 42 — which allowed the summary expulsion of nearly 2 million migrants — on May 23, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Friday.

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