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Biden Who Doesn’t Have Time To Visit The Former U.S. Southern Border Had Time To Visit Poland’s Border And Vowed The U.S. Will Defend Every Inch of NATO Territory While Millions of Illegal Aliens Including Murders And Rapists And Pedophiles Walk Across The Former U.S.-Mexican Border

‘Biden traveled to inspect the Polish border with Ukraine due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Yet Biden as president has never inspected our southern border, where illegal migrants are flooding into the nation.’

‘We will defend every inch of NATO territory’, says Joe…

President Biden: “I Haven’t Had . . . Time” To Visit Border, As Crisis Breaks Major Record…

Funerals Held for Pennsylvania State Troopers Martin Mack III, 33 and Branden Sisca, 29

Funeral held for Pennsylvania State Trooper Branden Sisca


Pennsylvania State Trooper Branden Sisca was laid to rest this weekend.

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18,000 Illegal Aliens Per Day X 365 = 6,570,000 While Biden Tells Americans That Food Shortages Are ‘gonna be real’

18,000 X 365= 6,570,000 (more than the total population of 33 states)

With literally millions of illegal aliens pouring across the former U.S. southern border and thousands of more refugees coming to the U.S., the current U.S. President Joe Biden tells American’s “In regard to food shortages… it’s gonna be real.”

NYT: Biden Ending Title 42 Means 18,000 Illegal Crossings Per Day at Border

3 days ago The New York Times reports that President Joe Biden’s decision to end Title 42 border protections could bring a surge of migrants amounting to 18,000 illegal crossings per day — a pace that works out to over 6.5 million migrants per year. By comparison, there were close to 6,000 migrants per day encountered by Border Patrol in December 2021.

First migrant caravan sets off from Mexico to the US after Biden revealed he would end Title 42

Biden sets yet another record at the southern non-border

Biden admits to coming food shortage for Americans

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‘Taxpayers are shelling out more than $30,000 a month so the Secret Service can rent an estate in the upscale celebrity enclave of Malibu to protect Hunter Biden.’

$30,000 X 12 = $360,000

Secret Service rents $30K Malibu pad to protect Hunter Biden

Biden touts Scranton roots in video message, virtual event …

Made in Pa.: Joe Biden taking Scranton roots to the White House…

Biden approval rating tumbles to lowest of presidency: poll

The median household income in Scranton, PA in 2019 was $41,169, which was 54.2% less than the median annual income of $63,463 across the entire state of Pennsylvania.