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Bidenflation ‘comes in hot, surging to highest level since 1981’

America goes back to the 80s: Surging gas prices and higher rents push inflation to 41-year high of 8.5% as White House blames it on Putin

Inflation Will Destroy the Middle Class – The American …

Worst of times: High inflation, anti-business mentality having us heading toward recession

Inflation comes in hot, surging to highest level since 1981

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Biden Seeks To Resume Federal Worker Vaccine Mandate For Americans While Biden’s Illegal Aliens Are NOT Required To Get Vaccinated Before Being Bused And Flown Across Our Country

Biden’s Next Move: Busing, Flying Thousands of Illegal Aliens into U.S. Every Day

Apr 1, 2022 In January 2022, alone, Biden’s administration released more than 62,500 border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities. This is in addition to the tens of thousands of illegal aliens who are expected to have successfully entered the U.S., undetected by officials. This year, experts predict more than 2.1 million will arrive.

Biden seeks to resume federal worker vaccine mandate | The Hill

Biden won’t order illegal immigrants to get COVID vaccine

China Flu Restrictions Continue For Americans As Philly And Several Universities Reinstate Indoor Mask Mandate While Biden Announces He Will End Pandemic Restrictions At His Open Southern U.S. Border

Philadelphia reimposes indoor mask mandate…

‘We will not comply’: Backlash as Philadelphia REINSTATES indoor mask mandate as ‘stealth’ variant fuels rise in cases in move critics say is ‘tyranny’

Several DC universities reinstate indoor mask mandate

Title 42 policy for turning back migrants will end May 23, administration says

“President Biden continues pandemic mandates for Americans but is ending his use of Title 42 to turn away illegal immigrants at the border on public health grounds.

Biden opens the Title 42 gates – prepare for madness

Henry Cuellar Becomes Sixth House Democrat to Oppose Biden Lifting Title 42

Without debate, President Biden has decided on complete open borders

‘Saudi Arabia TV mocks Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, makes fun of US administration.’

Biden Wants ‘to Make America Respected Around the World Again’

President Biden Has Humiliated America | The Heritage …

Biden’s America has become a byword for economic turmoil, urban decay, rampant lawlessness and far-Left policies that are tearing the fabric of the United States apart.

We should expect three more years of relentless decline and retreat as Biden’s out-of-touch presidency continues to drive the country’s downward spiral and humiliation.

Saudi Arabia TV mocks Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, makes fun of US administration. Viral video

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