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Person of interest in NYC subway attack supporter of Black Lives Matter and black nationalism ‘Frank James, the person of interest in the #Brooklyn mass shooting, posted a photograph of the Dallas #BLM shooter who killed 5 cops. He also posted…’ “O black Jesus, please kill all the whiteys”

You don’t have a chance because of those people!

How many times can politicians demonize an entire race and an entire profession before some people believe them and act out.

Dallas sniper who gunned down 5 cops ‘wanted to kill white people’…

Five Dallas police officers were killed and seven wounded by a sniper who “wanted to kill white people” during an anti-police brutality protest Thursday, an explosion of violence…

Biden Administration Repeatedly Claims America Is Racist …

Never before in American history have there been as many members of a presidential administration who have openly declared the United States to be a racist nation. Here is a sample from the Biden administration.

PA Gov. Tom Wolf

President Joe Biden: “Systemic racism that is a stain our nation’s soul; the knee on the neck of justice for Black Americans; the profound fear and trauma, the pain, the exhaustion that Black and brown Americans experience every single day… this takes acknowledging and confronting, head on, systemic racism and the racial disparities that exist in policing and in our criminal justice system more broadly.”

One Year Anniversary June 3, 2020: During Levine’s And Wolf’s Lockdown BLM Advocate Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf Led BLM Anti-Police Protest Promoting And Inciting Hatred Against Law Enforcement With Disgusting “Blue Lives Murder” And “Police Use Our $ To Kill” Signs Prominently Displayed During His Protest

Pennsylvania State Troopers Association demands apology from governor

American News Apr 12, 2022 10:03 PM EST

Person of interest in NYC subway attack had social media filled with black nationalism and hate

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Fact: You Can Sue Gun Makers But You Can Not Sue Covid Vaccine Makers For Severe Side Effects Up To An Including Death And ‘The government likely won’t compensate you for damages either.’

Despite Biden’s claim, gun makers can indeed be sued | AP News

Despite Biden’s claim, gun makers can indeed be sued. By KARENA PHAN February 9, 2022. CLAIM: Gun manufacturers are “the only industry in America that is exempted from being sued by the public. The only one.”. AP’S ASSESSMENT: False.

Covid vaccine: You can’t sue Pfizer or Moderna over side effects – C

Dec 16, 2020 Health and Science. You can’t sue Pfizer or Moderna if you have severe Covid vaccine side effects. The government likely won’t compensate you for damages either. Published Thu, Dec 17 20208:36 …

Biden seeks to resume federal worker vaccine mandate | The …

Two Months Later Biden Repeats The Exact Same Lie

https://www.whitehouse.gov › briefing-room › speeches-remarks › 2022 › 04 › 11 › press-bri

Remarks by President Biden Announcing Actions to Fight Gun …

Eliminate gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability. They’re the only outfit — (applause) — they’re the only outfit in the country that is immune. Imagine had the tobacco industry been …

AP FACT CHECK: Biden goes too far in assurances on vaccines

Biden gets vaccine booster shot, calls it ‘safe and effective’