That Didn’t Take Long And Rides Not Even Halfway Over Better Buckle Up: Candidate Biden, ‘We have to Build Back Better.” President Biden, ‘…food shortages. It’s going to be real.’

Maybe Try To Put It Back The Way You Found It And Stay In Delaware Monday thru Friday Too.

Poll: Just 33% Approve of Biden’s Job Performance

US Wholesale Inflation Hits 11.2% In March, Largest Annual Increase On Record

Biden Frees Record Number of Illegal Aliens into U.S. via ‘Catch and Release’

Biden is looking to double his record on letting in illegal migrants

President Joe Biden bikes in Scranton, Pennsylvania Delaware.

“Build Back Better” Remarks by Vice President Joe Biden on …

We have to Build Back Better. We need to make bold, practical investments — to recover from the economic mess we’re in, and to rebuild for the economic future our country deserves.

Build Back Better: Joe Biden’s Jobs and Economic Recovery …

The Biden economic recovery plan for working families will build our economy back better.

Biden Warns Americans a Food Shortage is Coming

Mar 24, 2022 Biden Warns Americans a Food Shortage is Coming. Speaking to reporters at NATO headquarters in Brussels Thursday afternoon, President Joe Biden warned Americans a food shortage is coming.

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