Wilkinsburg, PA Police Arrest BLM Activist After Telling ‘protesters they were not allowed to be in the intersection’

Wilkinsburg officer strikes protester during demonstration…

A Wilkinsburg police officer punched a protester to the ground during a demonstration against police brutality on April 16. The group of around 20 people gathered to demand justice for Jim Rogers …

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf: I Know It Was ‘Inconsistent’ to Violate Guidelines to Protest…

Gov. Tom Wolf (D)… defended his decision to violate social distancing guidelines — and his state’s own orders — by attending a Black Lives Matter protest in Harrisburg but admitted that it was “inconsistent” for him to do so, particularly after threatening business owners. “That was inconsistent, I acknowledge that,” Wolf said during Friday’s press conference in

Pennsylvania BLM activist and Gov. leads a protest against the police June 3, 2020 in Harrisburg because ‘Like so many other times during the pandemic, the rules don’t apply to Wolf.’

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