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PA 2020: While BLM Activist Tom Wolf Protested Against The Cops ‘Pennsylvania… murder rates… jumped at least 36 percent…’ Philadelphia Set An All-Time Record For Homicides And Over 30 Cops Were Injured During Nights of Looting And Rioting In Philly

Pennsylvania BLM activist and Gov. lead a protest against the police June 3, 2020 in Harrisburg because ‘Like so many other times during the pandemic, the rules [didn’t] apply to Wolf.’

Philadelphia sees second night of riots and looting after …

Walter Wallace shooting: 30 Philadelphia cops injured in riots

Philadelphia sets all-time murder record — RT World News

More killings in 2021 than any other time in city’s recorded history. The city of Philadelphia has set a record in 2021 with 559 murders committed, the most in its history since records began. It has outstripped more populous cities that have also seen rates spike, like New York and Los Angeles. The rate surged from last year’s 499 murders …

[Hannah Meyer, the director of policing and public safety at the conservative Manhattan Institute] also blamed criminal justice reforms, like the kind that have taken place in New York, Pennsylvania and California for the increase in violent deaths.

Black Lives Matter is blamed for 32% spike in murders of African-Americans in wake of George Floyd’s killing as experts claim protests scared-off cops and worsened crime spiral

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