Body of Texas Guardsman Specialist Bishop Evans Recovered After 3 Days At The Former U.S. – Mexican Border Where ’50 years as a politician’ Biden Has Never Visited Not Once – Says He Hasn’t Had ‘a whole hell of a lot of time to’ Visit Border ‘I’ve been spending time… traveling around the world.’ – But Has Taken ’50’ Vacations To Delaware Since Being Sworn In As U.S. President

Texas National Guardsman dies attempting to save drug smugglers…

As border rule change looms, Mexico frets about U.S immigration strategy

Mexican officials are concerned the repeal of a measure adopted under the Trump administration to tighten the U.S. border will encourage a spike in migration and more profits for criminal gangs …

Biden Says He’s Too Busy to Visit Border…

Fox News contributor Joe Concha said that “Biden has never been to the border in 50 years as a politician.”

24 Apr. 2022 – Biden departs for Delaware on his ’50th vacation’

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked, ‘Does the White House feel any responsibility for his death, given that there’s reporting that he lost his life allegedly trying to save two migrants who were smuggling drugs?’

Psaki responded in part: I would note that the National Guard worked for the states, and so he is an employee of the Tex- — Texas National Guard, and his efforts and his operation were directed by there, not by the federal government, in this — in this effort, in this apparatus.

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