Biden Admin Says That ‘National Guard [member what’s his name, was] an employee of the Texas National Guard’ We Had Absolutely Nothing To Do With That As A Matter of Fact President Biden Has Never Even Been To The Border And Besides We’re Too Busy Moving ‘heaven and earth’ To Help Ukraine

Walls, fences and armed military members are used to secure the U.S. Capitol and the White House in Washington, D.C., but they will ‘never… work’ on our U.S. border. And for clarification, if the President of the U.S. refuses to enforce our immigration laws, because he thinks it will help him and the Democrats by turning the rest of the U.S. into California, that means our immigration laws are ‘broken’ and need fixing.

DACA Illegal Aliens Surged Hispanic Vote, Flipping GOP Counties Blue

Jan 3, 2019 Democrats have increasingly swept congressional districts whose demographics have been quickly changed due to the country’s policy of mass legal and illegal immigration. The process known as “chain migration,” for instance — whereby newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the U.S. with them — has imported more than nine million foreign …

‘Does the White House feel any responsibility for his death given that there’s reporting that he lost his life allegedly trying to save two migrants who were struggling drugs?’ Heinrich had asked. 

Psaki replied, ‘Well, of course we are mourning the loss of his life and we are grateful for the work of every National Guardsmen.’

‘I would note that the National Guard worked for the states and so he is an employee of the Texas National Guard and his efforts and his operation were directed by there, not by the federal government, in this effort, in this apparatus,’ she said. 

Psaki blames TRUMP and a ‘wall that was never going to work’ on problems at the border and says Texas National Guardsman, 22, who drowned in the Rio Grande ‘worked for the state’ when asked if the White House feels ‘responsible’

  • Press secretary Jen Psaki blasted former President Donald Trump on Monday for spending time building a border wall instead of pursuing immigration reform 
  • Psaki said ‘the former president invested billions of dollars in a border wall that was never going to work’  
  • Psaki had been asked about the death of Texas Army National Guard member Bishop Evans, who tried to save two migrants crossing the Rio Grande 

By Nikki Schwab, Senior U.S. Political Reporter For

Published: 18:56 EDT, 25 April 2022


Ukraine war: US vows to ‘move heaven and earth’ to help Ukraine…

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