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Biden’s War on Cops Continues: ‘Biden’s judicial nominee claimed that police kill unarmed Black men in America every single day.’

Just like Biden, his nominee believes it’s OK to flat out lie when you’re an advocate or running for political office.

Joe Biden: Cops don’t pull over white girls

Biden, Democrats’ lies about cops spawned sickening shooting…

Police officers shot, killed in 2021 at all-time high …

101 police officers shot in line of duty, a 43% increase from 2021: National Fraternal Order of Police

2 Apr. 2022 – The latest figure marks a 43% increase compared to 2021 and a 63% increase compared to 2020

Watch Joe Biden On His United States Government Official Twitter Account Tell A Black Audience That Cops Don’t Pull Over White Girls! What Kind of Human Being Tells Flat Out Lies Like This?

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The Fabulous Fauci Looks Into His Crystal Ball For PBS On Tuesday And Then Again On Wednesday For NPR

America’s Pandemic Phase Is Over: Fauci | Kaiser Health News

‘It’s Not Over’: Fauci Clarifies That Pandemic Is In …

Dr. Anthony Fauci: ‘The Pandemic Is Not Over’

“We are certainly right now in this country out of the pandemic phase,” Fauci told PBS “NewsHour.”

But when asked by NPR on Wednesday if the United States had cleared the hurdle, Fauci insisted the pandemic was not over.

Faucian Bargain: The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History

Santa Rosa County, Florida Sheriff Bob Johnson: ‘If somebody’s breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot them in Santa Rosa County; we prefer that you do, actually… We have a gun safety class… and if you take that, you’ll shoot a lot better, and hopefully, you’ll save the taxpayers money.”

“I’m a cop, not a politician,” Johnson told Fox & Friends Tuesday. “If somebody breaks into your house in Santa Rosa County, and you shoot and kill him, the chances of them reoffending after that are zero. And we like those odds.”

Florida sheriff urges homeowners to shoot intruders and ‘save taxpayers money’

The criminal defense lawyers who live in real nice neighborhoods and happen to be paid large lawyer fees, by the county residents that pay taxes, to represent the burglars, who are not shot dead, are ‘aghast’ at Sheriff Bob Johnson’s advice.

Lawyers call sheriff’s remark about shooting home intruders as wildly irresponsible

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