Biden’s DHS Creates ‘Ministry of Truth’ To Stop Disinformation/Misinformation From Being Disseminated Such As Hunter Biden’s Laptop Scandal

Ministry of Truth

The Ministry makes sure all information available to the population… conforms with current party lines. They are also in charge of changing accounts of the past and destroying any evidence that will prove the Party false.

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Biden Official Tapped To Head DHS’s New ‘Disinformation’ Board Peddled Disinformation

Harold Hutchison Reporter April 27, 2022 5:31 PM ET

The official tapped to head the Department of Homeland Security’s newly formed “Disinformation Governance Board” attempted to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story.

“We should view it [Hunter Biden’s laptop] as a Trump campaign product,” Nina Jankowicz, told ABC News in October 2020.

Jankowicz is currently a fellow at the Wilson Center who describes herself as an “internationally-recognized expert on disinformation and democratization” on her website, confirmed she was taking the job in a post on Twitter Wednesday in the wake of a Politico report on her appointment.


Biden labels Hunter Biden laptop scandal a ‘Russia plant’

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